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Hi there!

Welcome to my universe

I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do ! Here’s the first article of this blog, it treats about Jøcund’s birth.

Before existing as a person, Jøcund was just an idea running through my head…

I was then working as the manager of a building that offers services and renting solutions to diverse companies… The energy I was in at first slowly led to a depressing routine and I wasn’t getting any good from it anymore.

I had decided to go back to music to escape from the negative state I had fell into when, miraculously , an artistic director from a label contacted me to offer to work together. At first I was puzzled by this proposal - I had not posted anything for about 3 years and the last published music belonged to my former band : Moonlight Memories. I thought I would wait to create a project that looks like me today before answering.

This is when I really considered doing music professionally : if someone I didn’t know had enough trust in 18 years old Julia, 23 years old Julia could definitely make it with enough work and regularity. I called Sabrina BOUKABOUS who had given me singing lessons back in 2017 to begin a consistent vocal workout and I took my guitar out of her case. I started (re)writing songs and composing.

I knew right away that I didn’t want to do anything else but music from then on. I stopped working for my company and dived deeply into my music. At this time, I wanted to cut every connection with the “Julia” I knew then… So I looked for another name that would represent the state I wanted to be in and the feeling I had while playing music.

That’s how I found jocund! Jocund means “cheerful and light-hearted. It usually characterizes an event and depicts perfectly the atmosphere I want to share during a concert. The slashed O (ø) I’m using was only chosen for aesthetics at first but after some research, I discovered that, apart from being a Northern vowel, it indicates a type of chord that’s used in Jazz music… So it allows me to concretely link Jøcund to the musical world.

Jøcund’s birth was relatively quick and I was able to record a demo EP called Bloom in May 2018. The EP came out July 2018 thanks to Spinnup and marks the base work of the development of my universe… Bloom is my Big Bang and you can discover it here while waiting for the evolution to take us on a new adventure…

Please do leave comments, follow me on social networks but first and foremost: call me Jøcund.

Thank you for your energy!

See you soon,


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