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1-VISU Bloom


First EP, released in July 2018 contains 4 tracks...

Honesty (lyrics / translation)

Paranoid (lyrics / translation)

Roller Coaster (lyrics / translation)

Down To It (lyrics / translation)

Here's their explanation:


HONESTY is the first single of the EP « Bloom ». It’s about an internal conversation between an ambitious and creative part of my mind, who speaks during the whole song, and a more restrained and fearful part. I wrote this song at the end of 2017, when I was hesitating between diving into an artistic project and keeping my lifestyle as it was…


PARANOID is the second song I wrote for this opus. It depicts the way I can be overwhelmed with helplessness in some situations. It’s about the way I can feel judged without knowing why, the way I sometimes feel like everybody holds something against me, it’s about the fact that I never know how to react to make this feeling of oppression go away… That I feel paranoid… Writing this song helped me free myself of these feelings.


ROLLER COASTER is like a warning… When someone is attracted to a new person, it’s easy for them to infatuate and not realize that they don’t really know the other’s character. In this song, I’m warning a friend that the girl he’s attracted to does seem perfect but that it’s just a façade.


DOWN TO IT is the last track of the EP. It’s my way of inviting someone to join me in a celebration of the body and mind. Inspired by funky songs from the 80s, it’s an invitation to dancing and letting go.


To all of you who listened, still listen and will listen to this 4 tracks. Far from finding them perfect, I'm still pretty proud of them because they embody the beginning of a whole new adventure for me... If you wish to (re)discover them, click here !

See you soon,

Take care,


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