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Hi everyone ! 😊

I had tons of ideas for this week's article but I couldn't manage to finish any text I started... 🤦‍♀️

No inspiration... No motivation... Kind of a block... So I decided to talk about the « writer's block condition » ! 🗒

What is it ?

It's a period during which a writer (mostly) or any other creator is facing a creative void. This can go from a lack of idea to an total stupor preventing to create anything for years…

This writer’s block is a condition that can appear for several reasons…



A disturbing exterior event - the artist can lack inspiration because of a situation that’s independent from his will or work is preventing him/her from their concentration.



A lack of preparation - the artist who hasn’t prepared his subject very well can find himself/herself short of ideas temporarily, this can cause the complete neglect of a project by lack of motivation or simply lack of time.



A loss of confidence in their work - having a creative job requires a lot of discipline, faith in your work and in your capacity to produce ; each difficulty in life may be a threat to your work, especially if you’re just starting in this artistic field.



Pressure - the artist who doesn’t feel capable of delivering on D Day can unconsciously trigger the writer’s block to shape this fear of unreachable goals…

There are a lot of other reasons for an artist to get blocked, mostly mental issues… And it’s a conditions that creeps into my work from times to times…

For example, last week’s cold, who prevented me from working on a video, postponed everything I had to do because I dedicated my whole energy and inspiration to heal. This week, however, I’m back on my feet and ready to pick up my work pace back to normal… I have a few articles coming in, a new video and an ANNOUCEMENT pretty soon…

I wish you all an excellent week.

See you soon

Jøcund 🎤

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