Hi everyone !

My name is Julia... In 2018, I decided to launch my project: Jøcund

Welcome on my very first website !

With pop and funky rhythms, I express myself and grow with this passion that's been in me for as long as I can remember...

Music of others perfectly echoes moments of my life, they've inspire me to do the same, and I hope that one day my music will echo someone else's life this way...

Jøcund is my way of sharing my experience with everyone, Jøcund it's me but it's also anyone who listens to the music, understands it, shares it, comments it...

This is the project of my life born with love, peace, music (lots of it) and I'm pleased to share it with you!

I decided to create this website to take you along with me in this adventure.

Go to the first blog article to discover how this project came to life 😉

From now on, you can call me Jøcund


Julia laugh