1-VISU Bloom


... Bloom

2018 is the year of all the challenges for Julia, aka Jøcund, 23 years old.

In March, she finds a team of musicians ready to follow her in  this crazy project. They arrange her compositions and enter the studio early May to record a first EP named "Bloom".


This EP reveals Jøcund with accuracy. Colorful, lively and inspired by various influences, "Bloom"  represents the entire character, living and spontaneous of its author. Jøcund does not hesitate to put  her personal experience to the benefit of her art; we find passion, determination and sometimes melancholy in her melodies.  Her universe is varied to reach an eclectic audience. Her purpose is to bring together, unify and unite people from different backgrounds, different ages and different opinions around a common love for  music, celebration and humanity.


From bossa to rap, Jøcund draws on her influences codes that allow her to offer a music that is warm,  touching and in harmony with her personality. On stage, it's a passionate and exciting energy that she will communicate to you.