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Today, I wanted to share with you some Canadian words and expressions I’ve learned so far. Since this is a bilingual blog (just like Canada), there’s going to be 4 expressions out of the English speaking part of Canada and 4 expressions out of the French one.

(Guess the answer before hovering above the image to reveal it)

Let’s start with the Loonie and the Toonie

The Double Double

The magnificent Eh

The Two-Four

Je n’ai pas encore eu la chance de visiter la partie francophone du Canada, je vais donc m’appuyer sur d’autres articles qui listent les expressions canadiennes pour vous présenter l’argot canadien français.

Parler à travers son chapeau - To talk through one's hat

Il mouille à boire debout - It rains enough to drink

Tire-toi une bûche - Grab a log

Niaise pas avec la puck - Don't fool with the puck

How many did you guess?
Tell me in the comments!

See you soon

Jøcund 🎤

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