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How and when did I write my very first song ?


My mother will say to anyone who listens that I sang before I even started speaking!

I think I was about 14 when I wrote my first song... I was used to writing a lot of essays and poems in french, just for the likes of it and one day, I decided to add a melody to one of my poems... because of the music I was listening to, I thought it would sound better if I translated the whole thing to English. I did and I was not satisfied with the results but I felt empowered to be able to express myself not only in writing but also in music!

I had stopped my guitar classes for a few weeks then but I still tried to compose the instrumental to go along with the melody...
I worked on it for a couple of days and there it was : my very first song. It was definitely not perfect but I liked the fact that I had written it!

Singing wasn't a real goal at first... I was pleased to be able to play and sing the songs I had made but I didn't plan on working in this industry until a loooooong time...

But that's another story !


See you soon!


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