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What do they EAT in Toronto?


Now THAT is an interesting question…

Any food question is.

But I was actually wondering about this one before coming here. Is there a national dish ? What is Canada’s most famous recipe…?

I'm trying to cook as much as possible because I'm picky (Frenchie here!) and I don't want to be angry/hungry all the time BUT I've tried a couple of things already...

If you’ve ever heard of Canadian cuisine, you’ve probably heard about


  • The poutine.

Poutine is a dish from the region of Québec made out of French fries, cheese curds and brown gravy sauce.

Ok so, here’s the thing… I do NOT like gravy. BUT, for the sake of this article, I tried multiple poutines to give you a real opinion on the subject.

Well... I still don't like it. But the extras are really good, and people who like poutine recommend you try Gabby's poutine for a cheap good one ; or a poutine restaurant like Nom Nom Nom Poutine for a real good one.

  • The clam chowder.

Clam chowder is a popular soup of North America, you probably heard about the “Boston chowder”, well it’s the same soup, served outside of Boston!

I didn't get the chance to taste this recipe but I had someone else try for me. They said it was particular... But good! So if you're adventurous, I suggest you try Rodney’s Oyster House's clam chowder !


  • The tourtière

Back to a dish from Québec! The tourtière is a pie stuffed with meat and spices… Now, that's a recipe that I liked, I recommend a homemade tourtière (mine was ugly so here's a Food Blogger's picture):

tourtiere now trt

  • Alberta Beef

It’s not really a dish, it’s just that Alberta is renowned for its beef. You can buy a piece of this meat at Royal Beef and it does have something special about it.

I cooked it with veggies (yeah...) & it tasted really good! Of course I’m hoping to go around Alberta to see how they prepare it there, but if you're a meat lover (😉) just walk an extra mile to fetch this piece.

  • Lobster Rolls

Or the “Guédille”... Now to some of you (that are used to lobster being super duper expensive) it may seem completely CRA-ZY to mix lobster to mayonnaise and other products and just stuff it in a bun and call it a dish… But I tried the meal and I admit that it tastes pretty good… It's not the same lobster you'd find in France and it's perfect like that.


  • Maple Syrup

You didn’t really think that I would talk about Canadian food without mentioning maple syrup?! Yes, it’s also from Québec, BUT you can find pretty good brands of Maple Syrup in Toronto. I will dedicate a whole article to maple syrup because that’s what it deserves...DUH!


Enough food for today! Do not worry, I will be back with the food subject very soon.

Because I eat a lot…

Leave your thoughts in the comments! 💖

See you soon ✌

Jøcund 🎤

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