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I’m a traveler. At least I like to think myself a traveler. So, as a good traveler (yes 4 times traveler in two lines), I have a huge backpack. It’s black (mostly) and contains a list of items that may or may not be useful when I go out.


Of course, this list varies depending on where I find myself in the world… This past week, I’ve experience going out in a cold North American city(it’s -12°C right now)... Here are a couple of items I have with me in Toronto :

MY PHONE… And a portable power bank!


Ok, this one might be obvious to a lot of you but I REALLY have no concern at all of being without my phone for a day. The thing is, when you’re in a foreign country you should ALWAYS, I mean ALWAYS, be able to reach someone on the phone, whether it’s the police, your mom, your friends, the consulate, a lawyer… Whoever it might be, you need your phone, and you need it charged.


MAPS… all sorts of maps!


Nowadays, we almost do everything on our phones… right, but as well as for its battery, my phone’s data is limited. In extreme cases, I would use map or citymapper while outside. But usually, I check my route with the Wi-Fi before leaving and get the paper map out if I need more information. Hence I have a simple map of the city, a map by neighborhood and a subway map!



Yes! You read that right. For those of you who know me, it can be quite shocking but the aggressive weather makes me take aggressive decisions !
I carry this little makeup case around with me and it contains everything I need :

  • Hand Moisturizer : E-SSEN-TIAL product during this time of the year. I actually put some cream on my hands everytime I go out, before I put my gloves on, in the subway, in the library... and hope for the best. Yes, at the end of the day, my hands are still dry, but they are protected!
  • Lips balm : my face is the most exposed part of my body. Even wrapped up in my Michelin-like coat, and hidden under my toque, my cheeks and lips are still out in the cold. The lips balm soothes my lips and prevent them from cracking!
  • Face powder : I’m not really into makeup usually, but I mix my face cream with a little face powder to add a layer on my skin. I keep the powder with me in case I need to retouch it during the day.
  • Anything else that I don’t have the courage to take out of the case… I have a toothbrush (can be useful if you eat outside before a meeting), toothpaste (obviously), a bunch of hair clips...




That’s something I’m not used to have in my bag because I don’t carry a lot of money around BUT here, transportation costs 3.25 for a trip and I realized I didn’t need to have a metrocard since I can do most of my journeys by foot.



I can’t live without music so I always carry my headphones with me. It’s vital for me to listen to as much music as possible. First of all, it inspires me, it allows me to know what already exists and to imagine other melodies and lyrics. It also helps me going : I always walk faster/ work faster/ eat faster/ do anything faster with my music on…



I always, always, ALWAYS, keep a notebook and a pen with me. Even though I have the smallest bag, I’ll keep some sheets of paper and a pencil in it. I have to be able to write down any idea that comes to mind and I’m not very fond of the “keep notes” thing on a phone. I like to hand write my ideas, I like to have them on a paper, I like to scratch out the things I want to change…

This weekend comes a new video for my Vlog on Youtube! I hope you’ll like it 🙂

See you soon,


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