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Hi everyone!

As I was saying on Facebook, it’s been a long time…!

To tell you everything, I left the American continent at the beginning of February for several reasons…

First of all, THE FREEZING COLD!


Of course, I dressed appropriately, I planned every trip in advance, but still, it’s super hard to work in a constant hibernation atmosphere… I’m afraid that if I had stayed through February, “live under the blanket” would’ve been my new motto...

Secondly, but most importantly, ADMINISTRATIVE DOCUMENTS


Yup! Lucky me had the pleasure to have to deal with ongoing administrative issues and I couldn’t bear to do it from by bed, 6 hours delayed… Being familiar with the French administration, it seemed way safer to go back to Paris to do this. I had a good hint on that one, because everything was cleared in a month!

So why am I still here? You ask…



UGH! I know, I know, typical of someone who lives in a city like Paris...I’m 24 and I still don’t have my driver’s license! I always said that I’d do it “later” when I would “really” need it… Well unfortunately, later is NOW and driving schools administrations take a long (ass) time to process my files.

Anyway, I was supposed to go back on March 4th… Now I’m stuck here until at list March 22nd!

Aaand my ID card got stolen in the meantime… Back to administrative docs again!!!

On the positive side, I saw my friends and family way before I thought I would… ^^

On the other side, after this “break”, it’s gonna be harder for me to go back to loneliness with my songs and thoughts!

Don’t be sad though, I have a lot to do and I kind of miss Toronto… (especially because I want to know if the black spider-man is still riding in March! ✌)

Next article, you will learn everything about the 4 songs that form my EP Bloom! If you don’t know them yet, click here : BLOOM… 💃

See you soon!

Take care,

Jøcund 🎤


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